With humble beginnings in Maryborough, Victoria, Bounce started with one woman’s passion for helping people.

Maria Smith, Founder and CEO of Bounce Australia, started working with local Jobseekers in 2006, going door to door to the Job Network Agencies (now jobactive), offering her customised 8 week life skills program. 10 years on and Bounce has grown from a local passion to an international sensation of life skills training and employer education.

It was quickly realised that Bounce was a program not to be underestimated with engagement and employment statistics reaching new highs after jobseekers gained the real life and employability skills and tools that has made Bounce famous. Gradually the Bounce team grew larger and larger with new staff and trainers joining the ranks.

“For me it wasn’t just a job, I wanted to work for Bounce; I wanted to be a part of this amazing thing that was helping me and everyone around me. So Maria hired me and let me learn what it was to work and grow professionally. Bounce literally changed my entire life and I would not be where I am today without Bounce and Maria.”

Says Nettie, one of Bounce’s first participants and employees. Nettie still works full time for Bounce to this day.

As the Bounce team grew, courses expanded across Victoria with accredited life skills and non-accredited business development programs in different locations across Australia. In 2009, The Bounce Program was fully endorsed by mental health expert Dr. John Mendoza and in 2011, Maria released her first book “The Guide to Getting the Job You Want”. By now Maria was well on her way to expanding into the USA and in 2013, Maria was invited to the White House to consult with President Obama’s head of innovation to discuss Bounce addressing unemployment rates in America. By 2014, Bounce launched its international pilot program in Worcester, Massachusetts. Since then, Bounce continues to run programs across Australia and in the USA with plans to expand their reach.

“It’s an amazing milestone for Bounce. For me it’s always been about the “why”. Why do we do what we do? And the answer is – to inspire lives. If it doesn’t meet that simple rule, we just don’t do it. I believe everyone should have access to soft skills and employability skills. Now, more than ever, employers are calling out for this and Bounce has been that solution for 10 years and will continue to be that”

say’s business owner and Director, Maria Smith

On Wednesday the 15th of June, Bounce held a morning tea at their head office in Maryborough to celebrate the ten years working in the industry. With over 50 people in attendance the day was full of fun and lots of laughter. Attendees for the morning tea include Member for Ripon, Louise Staley; Andrew Gibbs, the Assistant Director for the Department of Social Services and Central Goldfields Shire Councillor, Paula Nixon.

So what’s next for Bounce? Kelly Mason, Bounce’s General Manager, had this to say

“Right now, there are a lot of things in the pipeline. We’re looking at some really big projects that have a local focus and we are taking steps to expand our work in remote communities and the delivery of corporate training across all sectors. The future of Bounce is looking bright and we’re excited to see what the next 10 years bring.”