There’s no doubt about it, Maria’s an incredible facilitator, which is why she is in such high demand! It’s lucky we have a great calendar system here at Bounce, or we’d never know where Maria was off to next! Last month Maria delivered a Goal Setting workshop to a group of fantastic people from CatholicCare NT in Alice Springs! The workshop focused on communication, supporting job seeker goals and writing effective job plans.
“Maria’s training was fantastic and our team walked away with a lot of practical skills and engagement techniques that we have already started to apply in the workplace. The lessons learned from the day will be so valuable in helping our staff see beyond just the requirements of the computer and legislation and into building genuine rapport with our clients. The GROW method is already helping us to develop more realistic and relatable goals with our clients.” – Dylan McKinley, Regional Manager CatholicCare NT – South East Alice Springs
CatholicCare NT is a not-for-profit organisation, providing counselling services and programs to individuals, couples, families, children groups, schools and agencies across the Northern Territory. Their mission is to contribute to a society that values all its members by strengthening individuals, families and communities in ways that respect their dignity and culture. They’re doing some amazing work, so check them out by clicking HERE.
If you’re interested in some professional development for you or your team, give our General Manager, Kelly, a call on 0419 326 694 or email

More Tips from Jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. In this new video, Maria takes you through different ways you can train your brain. Become more focused, increase your knowledge and think more clearly! Watch it now!

Gamifying Employment

While wandering around the internet, getting myself up to date on the latest Employment Services news, an article caught my eye, ‘Tomorrow Me – Young Workers Gamification Project’ – Gaming and Employment? Awesome!
This brilliant initiative is a team up between VicHealth, Creative Victoria, game design agency Millipede, Education Services Australia and Foundation for Young Australians. The aim is to use “gamification” to push youth forward into sustainable employment. Just like your phone counts your steps and rewards you when you hit your goal, the new ‘Tomorrow Me’ app looks to be heading in the same direction with reward-based tasks.
While there doesn’t appear to be a launch date as yet for the exciting new employment-based game, planning seems to be well and truly underway, and I for one can’t wait to see the end result!
For more information on the ‘Tomorrow Me – Young Workers Gamification Project’ head to the Vic Health Website or CLICK HERE.

Trainer of the Month

Our trainer of the month for June is someone who has been with Bounce for just over six months. Kind-hearted, resilient and positive, Judy Jefferies is an unstoppable force of amazing!
Before joining Bounce, Judy was training in the corporate world for an incredible 22 years but decided a shakeup was needed. She stepped out, got her qualifications and joined Bounce soon after (yay!). Judy says that getting her trainer qualifications was the best thing she’s done, and to be accepted by Bounce was just ‘the icing on the cake’.
Judy is compassionate, caring and amazing to chat with. She gets incredible employment outcomes with job seekers and the site she delivers to love her so much they have booked her back to back!
‘I feel so privileged that each day I can help change the lives of people and impart some guidance and support to improve their mindset and take them forward in their life pathways.’
Thank you, Judy, for everything you do for the job seekers, the sites and the team here at Bounce. You’re a rock star!

Tip of the Month

“Looking back can be a great way of moving forward. Assess your last 12 months by writing down your biggest achievements and your biggest challenges. What can you learn from these things and use in the future?”

– Maria Smith

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