When I was asked to run The Bounce Program in partnership with the organisation Fitted for Work, I was very excited. I had longed dreamed of running a program with a group of women that creates an opportunity for personal empowerment that included personal grooming and styling techniques. In my previous career as a Beauty Therapist, I had seen first-hand how looking good on the outside can enhance one’s internal sense of self confidence.

My experience training with Bounce at Fitted for Work was extremely positive and heart-warming. The partnership between Bounce Consulting and Fitted for Work was a perfect fit, you could say it was tailor made!
I spent six weeks with a group of intelligent, strong, incredible women, all of whom had an amazing life story to tell and have faced difficulties and challenges with grace and honour. During the program, these women experienced the magic of the Bounce Program, bolstering their confidence, self esteem and clarifying their career direction. And with Fitted for Work, they were groomed and styled, guiding them to the best clothing styles for their body types, colour matching and skincare techniques. So much fun!

The women were also invited to a Career Day to experience the ways of the corporate world and were each matched with a mentor for ongoing support after the program. We were all very well looked after by the staff at Fitted for Work and it was a joy to be a part of something so special and to witness the amazing transformations that the group experienced.