What a huge few days it has been at the 2018 NESA Conference in sunny Brisbane! With so much laughter, prizes and, of course, networking jam packed into those 2 days, we’re all surprised to see Maria, Bec and Matt so energetic!

First of all, we want to say a massive congratulations to our prize winners! Coming in first place is Rose Scown from Centacare Employment who walked away with a brand new Apple iWatch, and in second place is Kerrie Cooke from Australian Employment Training Solutions, with the prize of a delicious bottle of Strathmuir Shiraz. Well done and we hope you enjoy!

Secondly, we want to thank everyone who came to chat to the Bounce team at the booth. What a great group of people you are! With all the conversations, laughs and of course, cocktails… well, let’s just say Kelly is incredibly jealous that she couldn’t be there.

Finally, we’d like to thank NESA for once again putting on such a great event and bringing everyone together to not only have a great time but also giving us the opportunity to learn new things and get industry updates from the people who are in the thick of it.

Remember, just because the conference is over for another year doesn’t mean that we can’t keep in touch! If you’re interested in the services that Bounce provides or just want to say hi, give us a call and have a chat, we’d love to hear from you!

Imagine the possibilities #SeriouslyClever

Your employees are the heart of your business. Whether they take care of your customers, create your products or write your reports, your employees are the foundation that makes the business what it is. Investing in their professional development is one of the most important decisions you can make as a leader.

We show you how to move your business from good to great with stellar leadership, confident customer engagement, insightful communication and positive workplace cultures. Click here to know more!

Action takers, how to go bold and be brilliant

We live in a time where employees are no longer numbers on a clipboard, they’re needed and appreciated, and having employees that are happy, productive and excel in their work is more vital than ever before. A massive piece of this is corporate culture, and some of the largest and most successful companies have turned this into a fine art.

For example, Netflix evaluates their employees by the abilities and accomplishments rather than the number of hours worked, creating a culture of self-starters and accountability. DreamWorks holds events and parties that encourage employees to showcase their personal work and projects to boost confidence and appreciation. Companies like Adobe, Google, Facebook, and Amazon build their incredible work cultures by investing in their employee’s professional development.

You may not be able to hold large parties or have the luxury of changing the entire business model, but you can give your team the skills they need to go from good to great. Maybe upskilling your team hasn’t crossed your mind yet and that’s okay, but remember a business or company name alone is not what makes it successful, it’s the people behind the scenes that work hard every day, yourself included, that make it happen. This is where innovation begins, and success stems from. This is how you go bold and be brilliant – together!

More Tips from Jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. In this new video, Maria helps you create your own positive anchors to make you feel confident in your next interview. Hold your head high and watch the video now!

Tip of the Month

“You can’t do everything all at once but no matter what your goal is, know that you can do it, you just need to take the first step.”

– Maria Smith

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