Maria has been out and about a lot this year, between facilitating corporate sessions, attending conferences, and going from meeting to meeting, Maria has definitely gained some frequent flyer points. But September’s trip was something extra special. For six days, Maria, along with 21 other adventurers, such as Karla Gilbert, Sam Riley and Pat Rafter, trekked up and down Lord Howe Island (and when we say up, we mean UP!). This amazing experience raised funds for the LifeChanger Foundation and pushed everyone to their physical limits.

The group took in the best sites and experiences of this world heritage, natural wonder. With seven stunning peaks to climb and seven incredible bays, swimming holes and natural aquatic wonders to explore, there was definitely no time to be bored.

Scaling the sides of mountains with nothing but a thin piece of rope for her safety, Maria pushed herself more than ever before, and we couldn’t be more proud! … Just don’t ask about her elbow.
If you’d like to know more about the incredible work that LifeChanger are doing or want to see some great footage of Maria’s trek, head over to the LifeChanger website by clicking HERE.