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the original Bounce Soft Skills Program

Everything your job seekers need to gain meaningful, lasting employment.

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The Bounce Program is ‘the thing you do, before you do the thing you do’. It provides a fresh perspective on work-readiness training and gives the foundational skills that every job seeker needs before they can get out there and really start living their dream. Not only does The Bounce Program give confidence, motivation and clarity; it also helps people discover, plan and work towards goals for their future, while breaking through the personal and emotional barriers that are holding them back.

Adaptable, empowering and super effective, this non-accredited program is the whole box and dice when it comes to soft skills. The Bounce Program combines group classes and one-on-one mentoring sessions with the trainer, so your job seekers can get the clarity they need to live their best life! Fully adaptable to meet your needs, we can create a program structure that suits your budget, time frame and desired learning outcomes. Suitable for all job seekers. The original Bounce Soft Skills Program is Fee for Service and can be licensed by any organisation, business, not-for-profit or social enterprise. 


Amazing news!

The Bounce Program is now online!

The Bounce Program has been adapted be run as a online training program, complete with coaching support from Bounce Coaches.  

Need Accredited Training with a Bounce twist? We’ve got you covered

The Bounce Program has been expertly integrated into a number of accredited training courses. The accredited training courses listed below, which incorporate the Bounce Program, are delivered by Jesuit Community College (22476VIC Certificate I in General Education for Adults Introductory, and FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways courses) and the Angus Knight Institute (FSK20113: Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways).
These programs are marketed by Bounce Australia.

22476VIC Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Intro.)


22476VIC Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory) is a six-week course that builds on essential soft skills and creates a strong framework for behavioural change. The training improves employability skills, workplace conduct, and knowledge of the job market while also improving confidence, motivation and communication skills.
(TOID 21800)

For eligibility information, contact Jesuit Community College at or (03) 9415 8700

FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways


FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways is a three-week course that further develops job-readiness skills, allowing participants to gain a stronger foot hold in the job market. The training improves participants ability to engage with employment documents, improves their overall employability and gives vital skills in emotional intelligence, integrity, health and well-being.
(TOID 21800)

For eligibility information, contact Jesuit Community College at or (03) 9415 8700

FSK20113: Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways


This 6 week accredited course is designed to enhance your personal and professional skills, identify your career or training pathway, and provide tips and techniques in identifying jobs that best suit you.
During this course, you will set personal and vocational goals and learn about the steps involved in career planning. Develop your time management, problem-solving and workplace communication skills and come out with greater confidence, self-awareness and motivation to look to for work.
(RTO Code 91712)

For eligibility information, contact Beverly McPherson at Angus Knight Institute via or 0407 701 714

Did we mention the results?

The Bounce methodology puts a new spin on education and inspires people to ask different questions about their lives. Because it doesn’t conform to standard job training, the results are phenomenal. Take a look at the stats!


Job Seekers who started a Bounce program completed it


Job Seekers that were interviewed after a Bounce program who had got a job


Would recommend the program to others

Our revolutionary online program – Bounce Online is turning job-readiness training on its head, and the results are incredible!

Our Registered Training Organisation Partners

Our partnership with RTO providers Jesuit Community College in Victoria, and Angus Knight Institute in Queensland, means that your job seekers can easily access training programs with proven Bounce content.

Basically, if you want it, we can do it.

We deliver content in a whole host of ways; face to face, webinars, recordings, conference calls, phone calls, interactive online programs and any other way you can think of, not to mention our licencing and train the trainer models. The control is in your hands.

Face to Face

We come directly to you for any of your coaching, mentoring or training needs


We’re not talking death by PowerPoint; our presentations are interactive, beautiful and effective

Licensing Models

You want it, you’ve got it! License our Bounce programs and put the power back into your hands.

Interested in Job Seeker Training?

We take the traditional training format and turn it on its head, making fresh, experiential programs that work smarter, not harder.

Dynamic training
in the palm of your hand.

Waiting on third party programs, agreements, and adhering to the time constraints of others just isn’t the way to get things done anymore.

With tried and tested program licensing packages, Bounce puts the power back in your hands and gives you everything you need to stand out from the rest – and when we say everything, we mean everything!

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Changing unhelpful behaviours and developing personal coping strategies to solve current problems.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to identify and manage one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

Positive Psychology

The scientific study of human flourishing and an applied approach to optimal functioning.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The dynamics between your mind, your language, and how their interplay affects our body and behaviour.