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Gone are the days when the only way to get hired was to present all of your qualifications and list every single one of your skill set down on a piece of paper; we are living in the year 2015 and there are higher priorities to organisations now.

To be highly considered for a role in any organisation you need to demonstrate your ability to adapt to the culture of that particular workplace and work within their values. To demonstrate all you need is a little time to reflect on situations that you have experienced in the past and then write these down on paper. A great example of this is if you were to go for a position in management but you have never had the title of a manager in the past; how do you sell your skills?

1. Demonstrate Transferable Skills

You can suggest that you are able to be molded into the management role within their business which can be more beneficial than bringing in old habits from those who have been in managerial positions before. Try reflecting on times where you have had to demonstrate managerial skills such as time management, multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, conflict resolution etc. and then explain how you managed these situations. How did you behave, how did you get the message across to others, how did you involve others in the process and what outcomes did you achieve? These are all behavioural based responses and employers are looking for that inner quality that allows you to follow their people and culture strategies. The fact that you have not had management experience and the fact that you have not performed some required skills is becoming less and less a priority, the organisation wants to ensure you have what it takes and they can train you in the duties and processes if required.

We recently conducted a survey and the results show that organisations are now looking for the FIT within their company as well as a mixture of basic skills to determine your competency to perform the role.

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2. Qualities vs Qualification

As you can see not only is INTEGRITY the most important quality, have a look at the next five top responses. Values and Cultural Fit, Teamwork, Reliability, Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence ALL outweigh Previous Experience, Specific Skill Set and also Qualifications. We can safely assume that the level of your personal qualities is important to the employer and being aware of your own values and personal qualities is a step in the right direction in securing your next job. Contemplate how you can communicate these values to an employer in your application. Whether it is in an interview or cover letter it is essential to let your prospective employer know who you are and how you can fit into their company.

3. Believe in Yourself

This should give you, the candidate, an incredible amount of confidence when applying for the job that you really want based on your own personal values and how your values match the employer. When you are identifying vacancies in either external or internal positions you need to weigh up whether you are the right person for the job based on qualities, rather than skills. After you have identified this, believe in yourself, reflect and prove to yourself why you are the best person for the position and then (last but not least) – go get the job and follow your dreams!