The Young Adult Empowerment (YAE) Program is a Ballarat-based initiative that provides young adults with the opportunity to productively participate in the workforce and to take control of their lives.

The YAE Program supports disadvantaged, disengaged & unemployed young adults between 17 & 22 years.
Participants are given practical skills needed to successfully gain & hold onto employment, as well as direct access to long term job opportunities with continued on-the-job support. This experience is not only beneficial to the young adults who take part but is also invaluable for the growth and development of the community as a whole, enriching future generations of working adults with education & confidence.

Testimonials from the YAE Program:

“I was nervous at first, but by lunchtime I already felt extremely comfortable. Every single session we have had I have enjoyed and have leant a lot from. I can take these ideas into the outside world and I really believe I can do anything I put my mind to, thanks to these guys.”

“I have learnt that I can achieve anything by setting goals, writing them down and that fear can be your friend.”

“I would tell my friends about YAE for sure, only a week in and it has already changed my life for the better and will keep getting better in the next 3 weeks.”

Bounce Consulting is proud to be associated with this program in bringing support and skills training to jobseekers in order to improve lives and open up opportunities for success.