The Bounce Online Approach

“I’m ready to find a job after doing this course!”
~ Richard


Work readiness skills with a wellbeing boost!

Bounce Online is an assessment and mindset coaching program that gives people the valuable wellbeing and work-readiness skills they need to not only find a job, but keep it. 

The innovative online learning program is transforming the way soft skills and job-readiness training is delivered, and it’s completely changing the way people experience their employment journey. 

The latest version of the program has been operating since November 2020. The feedback and results are incredible and clearly demonstrate the value and importance of soft skills for people who are looking for work. 

Take a look at the results…

Engagement beyond industry standard.

During one of the hardest times for employment services to effectively engage job seekers, Bounce Online shows an average *completion rate well above the norm and it’s rising quickly! Bounce Online has raised the bar when it comes to completion rates for online training programs and courses. But our program isn’t just a set-and-forget online course – there’s the weekly coaching sessions with Bounce Coaches and regular contact with our engagement team, that mean that participants are supported from beginning to end.

*for commenced users

Three weeks from start to finish.

We know that the time it takes to complete online courses can vary considerably, especially when it comes to job-readiness and vocational training. Some of the key features of Bounce Online are the gamification and reward elements which have been designed to give participants encouragement and recognition for their efforts as they move through the program. On average, we aim to have it take three weeks for participants to go from disengaged and stuck, to excited and motivated to take the next step forward in their employment journey.  

Getting the skills they need.

Bounce Online equips all users with a wide range of job-readiness skills. They discover their communication style, their values and their strengths and personal qualities. They learn how to successfully apply these skills when putting together resumes, job applications and interviews.

“I now know what to expect in an interview with the skills in my toolbox, like what to expect and my goals and visions. Also, I have gained the knowledge of cold calling, researching about the company I want to work for, job agencies and the clothing I should wear.”

Daniel – JobFind

Gold stars all round!

We take feedback from Bounce Online very seriously, and we are constantly adding to and improving the program based on the needs of providers and clients alike. This is reflected in our 4-star average rating from program participants. Unlike other self-paced online learning programs, Bounce Online has a genuine human touch. We know how important it is for people to feel supported on their learning journey, and this is why we have incorporated coaching and tech support at every stage of the program. From when a client is first entered into the system to when they finish the course (and beyond), there is a Bounce team member in their corner, cheering them on!  

It’s the personal touch that sets us apart.

This right here is where the magic happens. We know that coaching, training and mentoring in soft skills works best when there is a person there to help you explore the learning and deep dive into the content and concepts.

And this is exactly what our Bounce Coaches are there to do. Our weekly coaching sessions have consistently demonstrated how valuable they are for the participants, and they are the difference when it comes to getting outstanding employment outcomes.

We make sure your clients know that we are here for them. We make sure to touch base with all clients in some form or another to get them engaged and on the path to success. 

Group Coaching Sessions are the highlight of the week.

Bounce Online live group coaching sessions average about 35 people per session, with our highest attendance ever being 43 people from one single provider! Clients are encouraged to interact however they feel most comfortable and our Bounce Coach, Linda, is always there to help.

Here’s what some of our participants have said about the program…

Find out more about how the Bounce Program Online works in this helpful brochure.

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