On March 13 we will be presenting a completely free Webinar, open to all those working with job seekers, focusing on modern skills to engage the disengaged. We’ll delve into the Psychology of beliefs, emotions and actions as well as providing real strategies to work with a range of different situations and personality types.

This webinar is our gift to you, to show our appreciation. We see how hard you work every single day, striving to get the best outcomes for your clients and we want to help. So, mark March 13 in your diary (even if you can’t be there) and keep your eyes peeled for more information!

The USA comes to Australia!

We’ve written so many articles about trips to America; conferences, meetings and programs are booming in our sister country so it’s only natural that we’d spend tonnes of time over there. But for the first time, a little piece of America is coming to us! That’s right! For two whole weeks our Vice President of Operations for Bounce USA, Teri Britschgi, is coming to stay and learn all things Aussie when it comes to Bounce! To say that we’re excited would be a little bit of an understatement! Teri is not only a vital part of Bounce USA, she’s also an incredible friend of all of us here at Bounce. Many a Bounce employee has been treated to the luxury hospitality of Château De Britschgi in Washington State. So now it’s our turn to play host in what we’re all sure is going to be an incredible visit! With only a week to go before Teri arrives, we’re all busy preparing. The crew at Headquarters have put together a jam-packed schedule including shadowing our General Manager, Kelly, popping into both corporate and job seeker programs, as well as finding time to help out the community with the relay for life event in Maryborough! What a legend! So, if over the next few weeks you see Teri tagging along with someone from Bounce HQ, remember to say hi and tell her all about Vegemite and drop bears!

Planning for the Future with ETC

Our awesome clients at ETC kicked off the New Year in style with a two-day Strategic Planning session, specifically tailored to their business! Both Maria and Kelly developed and facilitated the two days at the end of January, honing in on vision, mission, the future of employment services and tonnes more! The team at ETC came to the sessions with a massive amount of energy and positivity, making the experience something to be remembered. Absorbing every piece of information and working as a tight-knit team, the group brainstormed and planned for the coming years. Maria and Kelly couldn’t be happier! “One of the best Strategic Planning days I’ve attended – The time flew which in itself shows how informative and engaging the day was. Very Enjoyable, very productive, thanks.” – R.M. ETC Employee If you’re interested in strategic planning for your business, get in contact with our General Manager, Kelly Mason, via phone 0419 326 694 or email kelly@bounceaustralia.com

Trainer of the Month

February is the month of love, and what better way to show our love and appreciation for our trainers than talking about a woman we love so much we awarded her Trainer of the Month TWICE! That’s right; we’re here once again to say a massive thank you to our spectacular trainer, Noula Petrarca! According to the lovely Noula, the last 12 months of her life have been “Amazing”. Living the philosophy of “do a job you love and get paid for it, and it won’t feel like work!” shows through every day with Noula. Every day she enters the room with such passion and energy, inspiring people to live their dream – Basically, she’s nailing it! “I know Lady Gaga said this, but I’m sure I said it first ‘It takes one person to believe in you and it can change your life’ I relay this to my groups all the time. I’m still learning, but my biggest lesson has been, when you find your gift in life, the purpose of it is to give it away.” It is amazing to watch you inspire so many people with your caring and passionate nature, and seeing them flourish after you have weaved your magic. Once again, thank you Noula.

More Tips from jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. Feel like your resumes are going straight in the bin? Well, in this video, Maria tells you how to make sure your resumes stand out from the rest to give you the best shot at the job you want! Get your typing fingers ready because this video will get you motivated! Watch it now!

Tip of the Month

“Valentine’s Day is a great reason to tell the people around you how much you appreciate them. Take advantage of this. Be genuine, be honest, and be thankful that they’re in your life.”

– Maria Smith

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