Well, here we are! We’ve eaten our body weight in Christmas ham, set off our fair share of party poppers to welcome the New Year and caught up on some much-needed rest and relaxation, and now we’re ready to get cracking on everything that’s happening in 2018! We’ve hit the ground running this month, preparing for our accredited program launch alongside ACE Community Colleges in Queensland – which we’re super excited for! Accredited job seeker programs have already started running across Victoria, and corporate bookings are filling in fast!

In other news, Kelly will be returning from Maternity Leave on Monday the 5th of February, although she will not be working exclusively within the office. Kelly will be splitting her days between the Bounce office and her own personal home office. Hopefully, she will bring along little Max as well!

From everyone here at Bounce, we hope you’ve had an amazing break, and we look forward to working with you in 2018!

Upskilling Trainers for the New Year

Last weekend trainers took time out of their busy schedules to make the trek to Maryborough for a 2-day intensive training. 25 trainers spent their Saturday and Sunday with Founder & CEO Maria Smith, building on their coaching skills, discovering cutting edge techniques for even better outcomes and getting the opportunity to spend time with each other.

The weekend was an incredible experience. Armed with these new skills and techniques, trainers will be more effective than ever in engaging job seekers and motivating them to do their very best! Thank you to all the trainers who were able to attend this incredible weekend.

“A very special thank you to you Maria for dedicating your time, effort, kind words, knowledge, wisdom, skills and magic! A very memorable 2 days!” – Abby Eden, Bounce Trainer

Stop Putting Your Dreams on the Back-Burner – 5 Tips to get Focused

We all dream. Images, ideas, emotions and sensations happen in our mind involuntarily, while we sleep. It’s also been suggested that dreams are a connection to our unconscious mind and that they manifest from our deepest desires and anxieties. Even though we can’t control our sleeping dreams, we can control the dreams and goals we have while we are awake – it’s staying focused on these dreams that is the tricky part.

Click here to get 5 tips to get focused on your dreams!

Trainer of the Month

January is the month of new beginnings and looking to the future, so who better to feature this month than our very own Lorraine Whittingham. Lorraine’s story is one of true inspiration and comes with a great message. Originally living in Maryborough (the home of Bounce), Lorraine moved to Melbourne to start fresh but unfortunately found herself unemployed for 12 months. After participating in some programs through her jobactive provider and gaining some part-time work, Lorraine chanced upon someone through a long series conversations, the lovely Bounce Trainer Niss. It wasn’t long before Lorraine made her way right back to Maryborough for her Bounce training, and soon after began running programs at the very same jobactive provider who had supported her throughout her unemployment. Talk about full circle!

“I tell my participants to get clear on what they want and then tell as many people as they can because you never know what results from simple conversations!” – Lorraine Whittingham

Tip of the Month

“Kick off the new year with a motivated mind. Grab that task you’ve been putting off for months & get it done. It will take a weight off your mind, & you’ll feel great!”

– Maria Smith

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