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Getting the Bounce Program out into the world can only be achieved through collaborative partnerships with like-minded organisations who are committed to inspiring people to see their lives differently.

 The original Bounce Program is the full box-and-dice when it comes to soft skills training and is the foundational work-readiness program we created back in 2006. The Program can be delivered as a face-to-face or online program and is free from compliance restrictions, third-party agreements and time constraints and gives you full control of how, when and where you deliver.

We have tried and tested licensing packages suitable for all organisations. Bounce puts the power back in your hands and gives you everything you need to stand out from the rest – and when we say everything, we mean everything!

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A fresh perspective on soft skills training

Our flagship, globally recognised Bounce Program, is an evidenced-based work-readiness training program credited with impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

The Bounce Program is a wrap-around approach to human behaviour change, meeting individuals where they’re at and providing them with proven support strategies that get real and long-lasting employment outcomes. With a focus on wellbeing and psychological work-readiness, the Bounce Program helps job seekers feel positive about their employment prospects. 

The Bounce Program gives the foundational skills every person needs before they can get out there and really start living their dream. Not only do our programs give confidence, motivation and clarity; they also help people discover, plan and work towards goals for their future, while breaking through the personal and emotional barriers that are holding them back.

Expertly crafted, the Bounce Program is designed to get even the most disengaged individuals excited about their future, and we’ve experienced next-level success with our participants. If you’re looking for a solution to frustration, disconnection, challenging behaviour or just plain old monotony, your clients are a perfect fit for Bounce.

The Bounce Program is an ideal client engagement strategy for businesses, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises that work with unemployed and underemployed people, disadvantaged and vulnerable people and young people.

Bounce has been proven to help disadvantaged and disengaged job seekers: 

Get Confidence

Feel Good

Stay Motivated

Build resilience

The Bounce Methodology

The Bounce Program is the tool your clients will use to make positive future-orientated decisions, by embedding purposeful behaviours that will allow them to thrive. It is an immersive, inspiring, surprising process that leaves people seeing themselves in an entirely new way.

The Program uses a ‘coaching approach’ rather than a ‘teaching approach’. It brings together the key pillars of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and behavioural nudging in a ground-breaking behaviour change program that leaves no-one behind.

Scientifically-backed and expertly executed, the Bounce Methodology is the secret to the Program’s success and is what sets it apart from all the other work-readiness training available.

The methodology is taught to Bounce Coaches and Trainers to create consistent results with every Program.  The methodology is the foundation of both the face-to-face and online versions of the program.  It features four modules of dynamic learning built on evidence-based people-science and features a range of proven change strategies and techniques including:

Behavioural Nudging

Emotional Intelligence

Positive Psychology

Behavioural Ecconomic Insights

What’s included in a

Bounce Program License?

When you license the Bounce Program for your organisation you get access to our incredible suite of training resources and tools. 

Face-to-Face Program

The Bounce Program can be implemented as a face-to-face training program delivered by a certified Bounce Trainer. How each Program is delivered can be entirely flexible, based on the needs of the clients, the trainers and the organisation as a whole. Adaptable, empowering and super effective, the Program combines group classes and one-on-one mentoring sessions with the Trainer, so your clients can get the deep-level support they need to navigate their way forward. The Program is typically delivered over 14 days.

Bounce Online

Your clients have exclusive access to The Bounce Program Online, a digital version of the face-to-face Program. It features all of the essential soft skills training, tools and techniques used in the live program, coupled with the ease and convenience of completing it wherever and whenever it suits the client best. The platform is accessible via any device – a computer, tablet or phone. It draws on the principles of human-centred design, creating a unique, intuitive user experience that accelerates people to take action. Human-level insights accompanied with real-time reports are delivered through the platform’s powerful and seamless interface. Each client report is descriptive and dynamic, giving you deep visibility into your clients needs. Bounce Online can be delivered as a structured or self-paced program and is ideal to use as an early intervention and engagement strategy. Your trainers can also provide coaching support to you clients as they progress through the online Program.

Train Your Trainers

Our exclusive advantage is our Train-the-Trainer model which is an integral part of all our license agreements. We have developed and perfected our model to be cost-effective, scalable and outcomes-focused with a strong commitment on ongoing trainer support and development. It’s not a set-and-forget system; once your trainers become Bounce Trainers, they become part of our community.

Licence Testimonial


LIFT Social Enterprise has had a relationship with Bounce Australia since early 2017 and currently holds the licence for delivering Bounce Soft Skills to young people in New Zealand.

LIFT Social Enterprise is based in the Hawkes Bay and has the vision “rangatahi in the Hawkes Bay are flourishing in their chosen career or pathway” and the missIon of “100% youth employment or self-employment for the Hawkes Bay Region”.

‘[I] thought I didn’t have anything to offer but learned how to turn my negative view into a positive one.’ Bounce Participant

We work with the most disadvantaged and excluded young people to create a job-led ‘wrap-a-round’ approach that provides pathways for young people into sustainable employment or self-employment.

As a social enterprise, LIFT delivers services which have been designed by local rangatahi. LIFT is delivered by a local team, who offer a unique relatability and can build relationships and rapport others cannot.

“I have learnt how to build relationships with people.” Bounce Participant

Bounce Soft Skills is an integral part of how we work with young people.  It is the first part of their customer journey with us, which provides foundational skills to rangatahi giving them confidence, motivation and clarity. It also helps them discover goals for their future, allows them to set a plan for those goals and gives them all the necessary skills to ensure that they know exactly where to start.  This may include setting out a plan for either employment or self-employment.

Working closely with Bounce Australia, we have adapted the Bounce Soft Skills content to ensure it best meets the needs of the young people we work with, who are predominantly Maori.  By reinforcing culture and belonging alongside the core Bounce content, we get results that far exceed expectations in supporting young people to achieve the key goals on their pathway.

“The course sort of helped me to overcome some shyness, it helped me to come out of myself a little. I enjoyed it and found it good for me.” Bounce Participant

Close to 300 young people have participated in Bounce with us over the last three years and the impact has been amazing.  Just over the past year, we have supported more than 100 rangatahi into employment, 35 into training and had the opportunity to successfully work with young people to address a range of challenges in their lives.

We greatly value the partnership we have with Bounce Australia in supporting young people to achieve their dreams.   We look forward to continuing it for many years to come.

 Jody Hamilton – Director, LIFT Social Enterprise

Who’s licensed the Bounce Program?

We partner with a wide range of organisations to get the Bounce Program out into the world. There are licencing options to suit everybody! 


Did we mention outcomes?

Since 2006, Bounce has been developing and delivering customised training solutions that meet the specific needs of people looking for employment. Our programs work on shifting negative beliefs and barriers to employment and place the focus on the person, not the content. No more cookie-cutter courses that fall short of the mark. With Bounce, every experience is tailored and unique.

Bounce Online is having a remarkable impact on job seekers and the feedback and results are incredible!

Take a look for yourself…

Here’s what they said…

Program participants and coaches alike, love the Bounce Program. It’s changing lives and helping people find their way every day! 

Before the program I was being negative about everything related to employment. I found the job searches were hard because of my low confidence, motivation and I wasn’t energised. I would see people going to work and I WISH I had a job to go to like everyone.

The Bounce Program Online is very easy to use, easy to follow and learn. I was surprised at how effective and informative it was. It helped me to assess and understand my abilities in the career world, and I’ve developed more confidence, new skills and technical abilities. I’m ready to find my career now.

Jenny, Program Participant

 I was surprised at how much I didn’t know about things like networking and rapport, and I’ve realised that I can’t achieve my goals without people to help me. I have always been a person who stuck to myself and not needed anyone. I need to build a network of people to get where I really want to be and get experience from them. I have always wanted to join the military, but I have not been that serious about joining until now. Not only that, I need to get out there more into the community to find work. I’ve gained more confidence and knowledge. I really enjoyed this Program.

Dakota, Program Participant

I put my clients into the Bounce Program because some lack confidence and others have a lack of clarity with regards to their career goals / direction. By participating in Bounce they gain incredible insight into their strengths and capabilities. 

The Program reports are really impressive. They provide me with information about my clients behaviours and habits as well as insight into their work values, employment goals, communication styles and transferable skills.  It would have taken quite a number of sessions to gain this level of insight into my clients, and I don’t believe it would have been to this depth. My clients are more confident which is leading to better engagement.

Chantal, Job Coach MAX Solutions

The client completion reports are impressive and highly beneficial as they indicate a participants engagement skills and the barriers or challenges that need to be focused on. The sections of the report that really stand out include participants being able to identify their qualities and skills and for them to uncover the values and traits that are holding them back. It would take at least three sessions to gather just some of this information in normal face-to-face appointments.

Mo, Job Coach JobLink MidWest

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