Life Skills is our passion, it’s what we do, and so when we get asked to run a pure Life Skills program we jump up and say “yes please!”. The inspirational people at Gforce, Geelong, locked in a solid 2 weeks of pure Life Skills for 10 lucky job seekers. Gforce are an employment solutions based business, focused on matching employers to job seekers in order to create sustainable outcomes. Last year Gforce won a four year Australian Government contract to run Transition to Work, an initiative focused on educating youth to assist them with gaining employment, and they asked Bounce to step in and give them a hand.

For 2 weeks our very excited Bounce Trainer, Linda Pierson, took the Transition to Work group under her wing and taught them everything from Rapport to Resumes, making sure they got the full range of valuable Life and Employability Skills.

Our Life Skills programs are where we started way back in 2006, teaching the disengaged motivation, goal setting and communication to help give back that spark that may have been lost somewhere along the way. Eleven years later and our programs are better than ever; real skills, fresh insights, genuine outcomes and support for those who need it.

NESA Webinar

Get up to date with Post Placement Support

Being a NESA Industry Partner means that we run amazing webinars with NESA every single month. This month is a perfect show-case of topics for Employment Consultants! On the 20th of June, our spectacular National Business Manager, Matt Luttrell, we be hosting 2 individual webinars, one after the other, that will focus on the best practices for Post Placement Support and Reverse Marketing. For more info or bookings CLICK HERE and take a look at the NESA calendar, you won’t want to miss these!

Chill out

The REAL way to unwind & chill!

Unfortunately, nothing is stress free and every now and then you need to take a chill pill and get level headed to be able to function at your very best. So, how do you do that? A glass of wine? A little holiday? Do these things actually work? The short answer … no. At least not for very long. How many times have you, or people around you, come back from a holiday and immediately said “wow! I need a holiday from my holiday”. CLICK HERE to read some really simple and effective ways of calming yourself and achieving true relaxation – they don’t cost a dime.

Joe Duffy

Trainer of the Month

Every month we showcase one of our amazing trainers. It’s our way of saying thank you and letting the world know how great these people are and this month is no exception. Joe Duffy is one of very few men amongst our trainers and we just couldn’t do without him. Flexible, fun and insightful, Joe takes his classes to the next level, so much so that he has even brought his wife into class to give skin care lessons! Joe pulls his inspiration from none other than Winston Churchill, and gave this beautiful recited quote “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”. Thank you Joe for your constant dedication!

Tip of the Month

“Keep on top of your personal and professional development. Reading an article each night or scheduling a session to boost your skills will keep you ahead of the pack.”

– Maria Smith

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