There is no better feeling after a long working week than sitting down in the sunshine, with a cup of tea (or wine), and flicking through a magazine, getting in your 10 minutes of “me time”. Well, let us show you the magazine you’ll want to wrap your hands around for this weekend’s relaxation session; The Shine Issue of the spectacular YMag has hit shelves, and it’s brilliant!

What makes it even better is just a few pages in, you can see Marias beautiful, smiling face! That’s right, our illustrious leader has been picked up by YMag and quizzed on Bounce’s inspiration, effect and future of training and coaching! What makes it even more exciting is that this issue has been accepted into the January Golden Globe “goody bags” in Hollywood!

The magazine is jam-packed full of amazing stories just like Maria’s and tackles the heart of business, showcasing premium products & services, for women yearning to have it all.

Head to the YMag website to find out more!

International Indigenous Youth Symposium, NZ

Our amazing friends at LIFT Social Enterprise and JMP Consulting have been extra busy this month organising and hosting the 2018 International Indigenous Youth Symposium in Hastings, New Zealand. This inspiring event, aimed at participants from service providers, government agencies, employers and other young people, was held on the 11th and 12th of October and focused on exploring effective rangatahi (youth) engagement, youth entrepreneurship skills, succession planning in the workplace, organisational collaboration and youth employment successes.

Maria had the honour of being a keynote speaker alongside Bounce trainer, Atarau Hamilton, and delivered vital information around youth and employer engagement. But the biggest honour of all was bearing witness to the rangatahi (youth) performing the Haka in homage to two of their young leaders.

“It was such an inspiring and incredible experience to have so many people from so many walks of life, all together in the same room. Words can’t describe the feeling witnessing such an inspirational display of respect.” – Maria

Visit the LIFT Facebook page to see all the updates from the event and click here to watch the brilliant Haka performance.

Janelle is rocking her new role in Queensland

Our Queensland accredited programs have exploded in popularity! And with high demand comes the need for extra support! With that in mind, we would proudly like to introduce the motivated, energetic and super awesome, Janelle Clarke!

Janelle has taken on the role of Business Developer for Queensland as of October 20th and will be working with the amazing team of Queensland Trainers, ACE Community Colleges, Employment Providers, Community Groups and the wider business community.

Janelle graduated from university as a Health and PE teacher and soon discovered her ability to travel and teach at the same time with an additional TESOL qualification. 27 cities and 25 years on, Janelle has landed back in her hometown on the Gold Coast with a wealth of knowledge and experience under her belt.

As an advocate of holistic approaches to education and life, Janelle enjoys living life ‘out of the box’ and the adventures along the way in life’s big classroom. “Life is about the journey, not the destination”.

If you’d like to have a chat with Janelle about securing a booking or just want to say welcome to the team, you can get in touch via her mobile – 0448 196 728.

More Tips from Jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. In this new video, Maria helps you uncover your superpower. Get your red cape ready and watch the video now!

Trainer of the month

Our trainer of the month for October is someone who has been with Bounce for just over six months. Kind-hearted, adaptable to change and positive, Prue Howard has helped us out more than we can say!

Before joining Bounce, Prue had been delivering programs for over four years in the life skills area, working to inspire people of all ages.

Each month we ask a trainer what they think is interesting about themselves. Prue, not knowing what to say, decided to ask her 11-year-old son his opinion and he replied with one of the best quotes we’ve heard so far – “while other people your age are slowing down, you’re speeding up.” And that couldn’t be any truer of our Prue!

Prue is compassionate, caring and inspiring to watch in her programs. She engages people with such ease that she becomes a part of their lives.

“In order to live our best life, we must choose to step into our fears instead of turning away from them.”

We can’t thank you enough, Prue, for everything you do for your participants, the sites and the team here at Bounce. You’re just Amazing!

Tip of the Month

“It’s been said so many times, but it’s true; what you put in is what you get out. So fuel your body with the things that it truly needs and watch yourself thrive!”

– Maria Smith

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