Providing 6 clear techniques, the specifically designed ACTIVE Model helps consultants become a more trusted and influential point of reference to job seekers. By using these points, you can create better communication between you and your job seeker and fine tune your skills to achieve lasting outcomes.

The workshop covers:

  • ANCHOR: Become the anchor for positive placements of job seekers and employers
  • CLARITY: Get clarity on needs/vision by asking the right questions
  • TRANSPARENCY: Be authentic in your communication
  • INTEGRITY: ‘Be your word’ do what you say you are going to do by when you are going to do it
  • VALUES: Know what is important and deliver on that
  • ENGAGEMENT: Build rapport, developing a sense of trust which allows you to

The ACTIVE Model has received consistent positive feedback from consultants and has become a staple upskilling program for some providers who wish to give their consultants the best possible skills in their work-life interactions.

“[The] session was well organised and executed. [It] will allow me to improve my services to my clients in a more personalised manner.” – JT, MADEC August 2017

For more information on the ACTIVE Model training or any other training you might be interested in, contact our National Business Manager, Matt Luttrell on 0409 244 599 or email

Just a quick reminder, as of the 3rd of November, Kelly Mason will be on maternity leave so please direct any training inquires to Matt.

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Matt Turns 3!

Our spectacular National Business Manager, Matt Luttrell, hits his 3 year anniversary with Bounce this month! Boy, time has flown! It seems like just yesterday when Matt came to our office, fresh faced, hair gelled and briefcase in hand, ready to take on whatever challenges we threw at him. And yet, it’s like he’s always been here. He’s a much loved part of the furniture! Here are just a couple of quotes from his adoring fans (Bounce Trainers):

“You taught me to always do the hardest thing first so the rest of the day will be easy! Is that how you manage to get onto the golf course each day?!” – Bec

“Love the way you always call back with advice and encouragement in the midst of crazy situations.” – Cheryl

“Thank you for always promptly replying to me emails and go way and beyond your call of duty for everything.” – Dani

And of course: “Matt, you have the best hair and in general you are just a top bloke.” – Matt Luttrell… he’s a modest fella.

Happy Bounce Birthday Matt! We appreciate all the hard work you do every day and yes, your hair is amazing!

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Changing Young Lives in New Zealand with LIFT

Alongside the Hawkes Bay’s new social enterprise, LIFT, Bounce has now completed its very first Bounce Life Skills Program in New Zealand. What an honour! I could write a whole 10 pages about the amazing things that went on during that program, but I think it’s best left to our talent trainer, Jacqui Tribe.

“What an amazing few weeks it’s been here in New Zealand. Just ten short days ago, eight young people volunteered to take part in the inaugural Bounce training in Napier, a relatively small town on the east coast of the North Island.
These young people face many issues. Added to low levels of education and high levels of unemployment; drugs, teenage pregnancy and suicide are rampant. They all walked in describing themselves as lonely, lost and unwanted. One in a state of panic. None over the age of 21 and all searching for something.
Day after day, they kept coming back. They laughed, they cried, they listened and they talked – often all at the same time which is what you do when you come from a family of ten kids! And they transformed.
All left with new knowledge, not only of themselves but others, all wanting to make a contribution to the world, all with hope and most importantly, a plan. One aiming on becoming a Chef, another an Early Childhood Educator, an Accountant, a Tattoo Artist, an Editor, an Art Teacher, another planning on Hotel Management and a Hair Stylist.
Eight young people. A million possibilities. One amazing program.”

Bounce is planning to build on our pilot program and help continue to change young lives across New Zealand.

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Trainer of the Month

Our trainer of the month for October is one of our brightest burning lights of optimism and positivity. If you have been lucky enough to be in the same room and this wonderful gentleman, you will know exactly what we mean. Boris Banjanac can basically be described as a walking, talking, genuine smile. He sees the silver lining in every situation and his infectious energy never fails to spread throughout not only his classroom but the entire building that he is working in. You know you have a great trainer on your hands when someone talks about them and states, matter-of-factly, “he’s just one of those good people, you know?”. To Boris, everything is “beautiful” and when I asked what his favourite quote was, he told me “Be the creator of your own destiny. If you allow someone else to write it, you may not like the way it turns out. Take charge, create opportunities, and be happy.” And I think that sums him up pretty well. Thank you Boris for being you and giving the people courage to be themselves every single day!

Tip of the Month

“Never let the negative opinions of others bring you down. You know who you are and what you stand for, as long as you hold strong to that the only damage people can do is to themselves.”
– Maria Smith

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