Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world; being so big they take their employee satisfaction and development very seriously, offering free meals, exercise areas and professional development as standard. They also conduct extensive research in how to improve employee satisfaction and then share it with the world – Thanks Google!

So where can we see this science-based information? The website Re:Work of course! To quote the website itself, Re:Work “is a curated platform of practices, research, and ideas from Google and others; it’s designed to help you use data and science to make work better, no matter where you call work.” And its pretty cool!

To get you started we’ve found an awesome guide that will take you through information and actual tools you can use to build a more innovative workplace. Check it out here:
Foster an Innovative Workplace

AXIS Employment and EQ

April kicked off with Maria presenting at the AXIS Employment Conference, delving into the world of Emotional Intelligence and how it functions within the workplace. Covering more in-depth topics such as the Model of the World and Dopamine levels, her presentation was a smash hit with the team giving some amazing feedback.

“As usual, you were fantastic, inspiring and very on the mark with what you delivered. I have had some fabulous feedback from many staff saying how much they enjoyed your session and how they have taken such a lot from it. We are all busy filling our cup to ensure our dopamine levels are up.”
Viv Watson – Executive Director of Operations

We want to thank the team at Axis Employment for welcoming Maria once again and for having such a proactive stance on employee development. Another day, another company taking their skills to the next level!

More Tips from jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. There’s more to job interviews than just turning up, and in this month’s video Maria takes you through some amazing tips to help you relax into it, impress the interviewer, and nail the job interview. Watch the video right now to get prepped for your next interview.

Trainer of the Month

Born in Yugoslavia (now Croatia) and moving to Australia when she was 10, our Trainer of the Month for April is a woman so strong and motivated to contribute to the lives of others that we’re going to struggle to explain her brilliance in just a few paragraphs.

When she first moved to Australia, Blazenka Krasey could not speak English and struggled to find her place, battling with shyness and emotional stress. Jump forward a few years and here she is, walking into her training room every day with the confidence and charisma that would put even the best motivational speakers to shame.

Outside of the training room, Blazenka makes sure she gives herself time to discover the world. So far she has traveled to New Zealand, Bali, US, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and is now planning to go to India – wow!

She values spirituality, health, growth and contribution which shines through in her incredible delivery style. Thank you Blazenka, for being a guiding light every single day!

Tip of the Month

“Don’t spend your life looking backwards only to fall over hurdles that were right in front of you. Growth means learning from the past and looking forward, towards a better brighter future.”

– Maria Smith

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