(Image Left to Right: Stephen Moore, Chief Information Officer Employment Systems; Maria Smith, Bounce CEO & Founder; Kerryn Kovacevic, Branch Manager, Online Services Development and Engagement Branch.)

On the 10th of May, with materials and luggage in hand, Maria and Kelly flew out to Canberra to facilitate two very important sessions with none other than the Department of Employment. Across two days, Bounce supported the overall Employment Systems Group and the Online Engagement and Learning Team (a sub-section of the Employment Systems Group) with strategic planning in their visions for the future.

“I had not expected the team to reach the conclusions they did. Very productive, great at drawing the team out and focusing on the joint goals.”
Ray Leggott, Director of Online Engagement and Learning

Needless to say, Maria and Kelly returned to Bounce HQ even more invigorated than before! If you’d like to look at strategic planning for your business or company, get in touch with Kelly Mason on 0419 326 694 or via kelly@bounceaustralia.com


Training that’s hot off the press

McPherson’s Printing Group is one of the largest printing companies in Australia, with big names like Pan MacMillan, Allen & Unwin, CCH and Harlequin among its many loyal clients. On the 12th of May Bounce was lucky enough to be invited to deliver a 2 part customer service workshop with their employees. Specially designed for the large company, the workshop delved into the 3 points of positive customer service and a multitude of experiential activities. To get your own tailor made workshop, contact Kelly Mason on 0419 326 694.


5 Tips all Managers need to know!

We’ve all been there… Either as an employee, manager or business owner; where we think we are doing everything well and we believe our methods are unquestionable. But what if this thinking could lead you down a rocky path? Our very own Matt Luttrell has used his expertise to give you 5 vital tips to make sure you stay in the game and ahead of your competitors. Click here to read Matt’s tips! Want more? Head to our contact page and let us know what topic you’d love to learn more about!

Michelle Guida

Trainer of the Month

With her warm and welcoming approach and her amazing ability to connect with people on any level, we want to recognise Michelle Guida as our honoured trainer of the month for May! With raving reviews from jobseekers and sites alike, we couldn’t ask for a more dedicated trainer! If you want proof of her kind and nurturing personality, Michelle owns an 11 year old, 5 foot, spotted children’s python. She’s had her since she was a hatchling and loves her “little” Sammy more than anything! Now that’s some serious love and care! Thank you Michelle for everything you do inside and outside of the Bounce world!

Tip of the Month

“Supporting others is important. It helps build confidence & satisfaction. But what’s even more important is supporting yourself. Be proud, you’re amazing!”

– Maria Smith

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