Taking on the Strengths Based Approach

Taking on the Strengths Based Approach

Society has this funny little habit of trying to cram square pegs into a round hole, but what if I told you that there is a way to match the square peg to the round hole without having to grind off the edges?

Let me explain what I mean.

Say you have a team of 4 people; each person has their strengths and weaknesses. Person one likes lists and data, person two is great with people, person three loves variety, and person four is a great leader.

Now, what would happen if you matched the tasks that needed to be done to the person who would most enjoy it? Person one does report writing and data assessment, person two calls clients, person three goes on the road, and person four keeps everyone accountable for their tasks.

I’m not saying only give your team jobs that they like, however, if you can assess the tasks that need to be done and balance them out in categories that your team members excel at, your overall productivity will go through the roof.

It’s such a simple change, but so effective!

According to the Langley Group website (www.langleygroup.com.au):

The 2016 Gallup State of the Global Workforce report showed some amazing results from using strengths-based interventions on workgroup performance. The survey covered 1.2 million employees in 22 organisations in seven industries and across 45 countries. Ninety % of the workgroups studied had performance increases such as:

  • 9% increase in sales
  • 15% increase in profits
  • 4% increase in customer engagement
  • 10% lower turnover in low-turnover organisations
  • 46% lower turnover in high-turnover organisations
  • 6% increase in engaged employees
  • 37% fewer safety incidents

Ultimately, the strengths-based management approach is shown to improve employee well-being and boost productivity in all areas.

Interested in a complete Strengths Profile Report?

Built from a decade of research in positive psychology and used by leading organisations including Schneider Electric, Avery Dennison, Aviva, Oracle and Ernst & Young, the Strength Based Profile is worlds apart from traditional strengths assessments.
Assessing 60 strengths across three scopes (energy, performance and use), the profile pinpoints people’s results in four areas:

Realised Strengths

Learned Behaviours



Unrealised Strengths

This model provides a positive platform for development and growth, enabling people to design strategies, minimise weaknesses and optimise performance and well-being.

Sound like something you or your team could use?

Lets start a conversation

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Fostering an Innovative Workplace with Google

Fostering an Innovative Workplace with Google

Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world; being so big they take their employee satisfaction and development very seriously, offering free meals, exercise areas and professional development as standard. They also conduct extensive research in how to improve employee satisfaction and then share it with the world – Thanks Google!

So where can we see this science-based information? The website Re:Work of course! To quote the website itself, Re:Work “is a curated platform of practices, research, and ideas from Google and others; it’s designed to help you use data and science to make work better, no matter where you call work.” And its pretty cool!

To get you started we’ve found an awesome guide that will take you through information and actual tools you can use to build a more innovative workplace. Check it out here:
Foster an Innovative Workplace

AXIS Employment and EQ

April kicked off with Maria presenting at the AXIS Employment Conference, delving into the world of Emotional Intelligence and how it functions within the workplace. Covering more in-depth topics such as the Model of the World and Dopamine levels, her presentation was a smash hit with the team giving some amazing feedback.

“As usual, you were fantastic, inspiring and very on the mark with what you delivered. I have had some fabulous feedback from many staff saying how much they enjoyed your session and how they have taken such a lot from it. We are all busy filling our cup to ensure our dopamine levels are up.”
Viv Watson – Executive Director of Operations

We want to thank the team at Axis Employment for welcoming Maria once again and for having such a proactive stance on employee development. Another day, another company taking their skills to the next level!

More Tips from jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. There’s more to job interviews than just turning up, and in this month’s video Maria takes you through some amazing tips to help you relax into it, impress the interviewer, and nail the job interview. Watch the video right now to get prepped for your next interview.

Trainer of the Month

Born in Yugoslavia (now Croatia) and moving to Australia when she was 10, our Trainer of the Month for April is a woman so strong and motivated to contribute to the lives of others that we’re going to struggle to explain her brilliance in just a few paragraphs.

When she first moved to Australia, Blazenka Krasey could not speak English and struggled to find her place, battling with shyness and emotional stress. Jump forward a few years and here she is, walking into her training room every day with the confidence and charisma that would put even the best motivational speakers to shame.

Outside of the training room, Blazenka makes sure she gives herself time to discover the world. So far she has traveled to New Zealand, Bali, US, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and is now planning to go to India – wow!

She values spirituality, health, growth and contribution which shines through in her incredible delivery style. Thank you Blazenka, for being a guiding light every single day!

Tip of the Month

“Don’t spend your life looking backwards only to fall over hurdles that were right in front of you. Growth means learning from the past and looking forward, towards a better brighter future.”

– Maria Smith

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Webinar? More like Weba-yeah!

Webinar? More like Weba-yeah!

The very first Bounce Webinar, Engaging the Disengaged, was a smash hit with almost 100 people signing up to watch Maria give some brilliant insights into engagement techniques.

With such a huge response from all you beautiful Bouncers out there, the team has decided to make the free webinars a regular thing! Yay!

We will be hosting another webinar in mid-May so keep an eye out for more info! If you have a topic that you want to know more about or have some feedback that you’d like to give about our last webinar, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here.

Remember, if you registered for the webinar but couldn’t make it on the day, the replay is available for you to watch in your own time for the next few weeks. Call or email us if you’re unsure how to access the replay.

5 Surefire ways to Grow as a Professional

Whether you’ve been working in the same role for years or are currently in-between jobs, developing yourself professionally, on an everyday basis, is a habit we should all embrace.

Easier said than done, right? Well, this article from Bizcover has some really simple tips to keep your mind sharp and your skills on point. Check it out here.

Stepping Back in Time for Charity

The team at Bounce are never ones to shy away from a great night out to support a great cause. So the annual Feast on the Fairway was the place to be last week in Maryborough.

The night boasted a roaring 1920’s theme, complete with the Maryborough Big Band busting out the biggest hits of the ’20s and a projector showing classic movies in the background – All in support of cancer research!

The biggest hit for the night, besides the amazing swing dance lessons and incredible three-course meal provided by local eateries, was the huge announcement by Maryborough District Health Service that from July 1 this year, MDHS, in partnership with Ballarat Health Service, will be commence providing a public Oncology service locally.

This is big news for everyone in Maryborough, as locals previously would have to travel an hour to Ballarat to receive regular treatment.

This annual event is such a welcome addition to the community, and we cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone looking to network, support a good cause and enjoy a great night out. Well done, once again, to everyone involved!

More Tips from jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. Are you stuck going in circles thinking there are no jobs near you? What if they were closer than you think? In this months video, Maria lets you in on a little secret about job hunting that will change your whole point of view! Watch the video right now and get the easiest job hunting tip of all!

Trainer of the Month

Described as a “ball of passion”, our Trainer of the Month for March 2019 is none other than the beautiful Pina Cerminara!

Pina has been with Bounce for over two years and is a true influencer. She specialises in creating real and immediate change in her participants and with each positive outcome created, she gains more and more momentum. There’s no stopping this juggernaut of absolute passion.

“I spent most of my life hiding in the back of school classrooms and board room meetings, I now spend most of my working day being seen in front of groups of people. I have come from the back of the room to the front, where I get to teach people life and work skills as well as inspiring them to find their true potential.” – Pina.

Thank you, Pina, for being a true guiding light for those who need it most. You’ve done such incredible things over the last two years with Bounce, and we can’t wait to see what the next two years bring!

Tip of the Month

“Great communication skills are vital for success in every area of life. It’s not just about the words we use but our body language, tone, empathy and so much more. Do your research, build your skills and watch everything else fall into place.”

– Maria Smith

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Our gift to all Consultants out there!

Our gift to all Consultants out there!

On March 13 we will be presenting a completely free Webinar, open to all those working with job seekers, focusing on modern skills to engage the disengaged. We’ll delve into the Psychology of beliefs, emotions and actions as well as providing real strategies to work with a range of different situations and personality types.

This webinar is our gift to you, to show our appreciation. We see how hard you work every single day, striving to get the best outcomes for your clients and we want to help. So, mark March 13 in your diary (even if you can’t be there) and keep your eyes peeled for more information!

The USA comes to Australia!

We’ve written so many articles about trips to America; conferences, meetings and programs are booming in our sister country so it’s only natural that we’d spend tonnes of time over there. But for the first time, a little piece of America is coming to us! That’s right! For two whole weeks our Vice President of Operations for Bounce USA, Teri Britschgi, is coming to stay and learn all things Aussie when it comes to Bounce! To say that we’re excited would be a little bit of an understatement! Teri is not only a vital part of Bounce USA, she’s also an incredible friend of all of us here at Bounce. Many a Bounce employee has been treated to the luxury hospitality of Château De Britschgi in Washington State. So now it’s our turn to play host in what we’re all sure is going to be an incredible visit! With only a week to go before Teri arrives, we’re all busy preparing. The crew at Headquarters have put together a jam-packed schedule including shadowing our General Manager, Kelly, popping into both corporate and job seeker programs, as well as finding time to help out the community with the relay for life event in Maryborough! What a legend! So, if over the next few weeks you see Teri tagging along with someone from Bounce HQ, remember to say hi and tell her all about Vegemite and drop bears!

Planning for the Future with ETC

Our awesome clients at ETC kicked off the New Year in style with a two-day Strategic Planning session, specifically tailored to their business! Both Maria and Kelly developed and facilitated the two days at the end of January, honing in on vision, mission, the future of employment services and tonnes more! The team at ETC came to the sessions with a massive amount of energy and positivity, making the experience something to be remembered. Absorbing every piece of information and working as a tight-knit team, the group brainstormed and planned for the coming years. Maria and Kelly couldn’t be happier! “One of the best Strategic Planning days I’ve attended – The time flew which in itself shows how informative and engaging the day was. Very Enjoyable, very productive, thanks.” – R.M. ETC Employee If you’re interested in strategic planning for your business, get in contact with our General Manager, Kelly Mason, via phone 0419 326 694 or email kelly@bounceaustralia.com

Trainer of the Month

February is the month of love, and what better way to show our love and appreciation for our trainers than talking about a woman we love so much we awarded her Trainer of the Month TWICE! That’s right; we’re here once again to say a massive thank you to our spectacular trainer, Noula Petrarca! According to the lovely Noula, the last 12 months of her life have been “Amazing”. Living the philosophy of “do a job you love and get paid for it, and it won’t feel like work!” shows through every day with Noula. Every day she enters the room with such passion and energy, inspiring people to live their dream – Basically, she’s nailing it! “I know Lady Gaga said this, but I’m sure I said it first ‘It takes one person to believe in you and it can change your life’ I relay this to my groups all the time. I’m still learning, but my biggest lesson has been, when you find your gift in life, the purpose of it is to give it away.” It is amazing to watch you inspire so many people with your caring and passionate nature, and seeing them flourish after you have weaved your magic. Once again, thank you Noula.

More Tips from jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. Feel like your resumes are going straight in the bin? Well, in this video, Maria tells you how to make sure your resumes stand out from the rest to give you the best shot at the job you want! Get your typing fingers ready because this video will get you motivated! Watch it now!

Tip of the Month

“Valentine’s Day is a great reason to tell the people around you how much you appreciate them. Take advantage of this. Be genuine, be honest, and be thankful that they’re in your life.”

– Maria Smith

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Call out to all Trainers in the Brisbane area!

Call out to all Trainers in the Brisbane area!

Call out to all Trainers in the Brisbane area!

Bounce and ACE Community College are looking for a high energy individuals with a passion to make a difference in the lives of others.

We want you!

Are you someone who wants to inspire lives and make a lasting difference to the lives of others?

Bounce Australia and ACE Community Colleges are looking for vibrant trainers to deliver the Bounce Program in the Brisbane area.

Work with ACE

Contract position with ACE Community Colleges.


Must have Certificate IV in Training and Assessing with ASS502 & LLN411 upgrade or equivalent.

The Bounce Program

The Bounce Program is a 12 day program running over 3 weeks (with ongoing bookings)


Coaching experience is favourable.

Does this sound like you?

If this sounds like the career for you, contact us today by emailing our Trainer Support & Project Manager, Rebecca Lowery via rebecca@bounceaustralia.com

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Bring it on, 2019!

Bring it on, 2019!

Welcome back! Now that we’re all fed, watered, and very well rested, it’s time to tackle the New Year head on! Hopefully, you’re as pumped as we are – because 2019 is going to be MASSIVE!

It’s time to ask that age-old question that everyone asks as soon as the calendar hits January 1st – What are your goals for 2019? Seriously, we want to know, because helping you get there is what we do! Whether you’re looking for work, wanting to promote yourself, upskill your staff, or find new and innovative ways to support your team – we’re here to help!

Now, this is a good time to clarify a really common misconception about Bounce – we don’t deliver training.
It’s true.

They are going to have to invent a better word for what Bounce does because “training” doesn’t even scratch the surface! We’re problem solvers, way finders, innovators, motivators, planners, possibility seers, un-stickers of the stuck! And best of all, we do it in style!

So, what incredible possibilities does 2019 hold for you? And how can we help? Call, email or just come on in and pay us a visit. We’ll help you find your way!

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