The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations have allocated funding to Bounce Consulting, to provide local businesses in the Central Goldfields and surrounding regions with professional development opportunities.

Bounce Consulting will provide regional development workshops, focusing on: strategic planning, innovation and development, communication, leadership, attracting new business and alternative marketing ideas.

“The B.U.I.L.D Project is a fresh perspective,” says Bounce Consulting Director Maria Smith. “Because it’s fully funded, there’s no cost to business owners who are looking to gain new skills and really make a difference in strengthening our business community.”

“We are inviting all local businesses and those from surrounding areas to take advantage of the information provided so that they can enhance and grow their businesses, without having to travel from the area”.

Workshops will be delivered by local and international presenters who have connections with the local area. Peter Smith, a former Maryborough resident, will be presenting the first workshop in September. Peter works with the United Nations and has a strong background working with businesses worldwide on improvements and growth pathways. He will be returning to Maryborough to share his ideas.

Over the next 12 months participants will have the opportunity to obtain individual business coaching sessions with Bounce Consulting.

“Being able to access professional development services and coaching opportunities in our local area is rare, but very exciting.” Maria said. “We want Maryborough businesses to have every opportunity to stand-out and excel at what they do and our development sessions are a way to make that happen”.

“It’s motivating to see the community – supported by the national government – taking an active role in making change happen,” says local business operator Dianne Thiele. “We’re excited to see the results that will come from this training.”

Another focus of The B.U.I.L.D Project will be to provide training and coaching to local job seekers and those people currently employed. This training will focus on employability skills, communication, leadership, up-skilling and enhancing further training opportunities that are available. This training will be provided as a component of the Bounce Into Action program.

All local businesses and individuals from the Central Goldfields Shire and other local municipalities are invited to attend the professional development workshops and the Bounce Into Action program. For details, you can visit The B.U.I.L.D Project website , phone Bounce Consulting at 03 5461 1254 or email info[at]