Bounce Consultings’ suite of training programs, namely Bounce LifeSkills, targeting the long-term unemployed, has been taught throughout Australia for the past seven years. With over 87 percent of participants finding employment after completing the program, Bounce has seen an increase in business over 300 percent this year alone. But when Americas’ White House came calling down under, Bounce Founder Maria Smith was nothing short of amazed.

“When I got the call from the White House requesting a meeting I was really knocked back,” says Smith. Smith, who had only just returned from the US less than a week earlier, quickly flew back to the states to have this once-in-a-lifetime meeting.

“The US heard about the way Bounce motivates the long term unemployed, the disengaged, and the undereducated, and they wanted to learn more about it,” explains Smith. “The US has had their own share of challenges with motivating the unmotivated — due to long term unemployment or those being released from the military — and they’re looking for fresh, new, out-of-the-box solutions.”

Deep connections with potential investors and successful entrepreneurs based in the US, opened the door to the White House, and on June 18th Maria Smith found herself at the historic Washington DC address. “It was nothing short of amazing to be there, in that historic meaningful place,” said Smith. “I was so excited the moment the meeting was booked and the meeting itself really began the conversation between Obama’s administration and Bounce.” Smith met with advisors who report to President Obama and got an exclusive tour of the infamous West Wing.

To date, conversations are still taking place and possibly in the near future, Americans will be able to experience the same introspective, soft skills training that has changed so many lives here.