Bounce trainers have been busy once again with NESA, delivering the Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS). RSAS is a government funded initiative that aims to boost the attendance rates in remote areas of Australia by educating providers and locals on new ways to motivate students to attend school.

This is Bounce’s 3rd year running with RSAS, delivering local forums, Leadership forums and Train the Trainer sessions across Australia. So far the Bounce team have delivered training in Yuendumu, NT, Boggabilla, NSW, Perth, WA and Maria is off to Derby, WA later this month. Bounce has been scheduled in for eight more trainings as well, that will span the rest of the year.

RSAS is an incredible initiative that’s making massive improvements in remote communities, and we are so grateful to be a part of it. If you’d like to find out more about the Remote Schools Attendance Strategy, click here!

Tips from Jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. In this new video, Maria takes you through types of communications styles and how to recognise them to give you a communication edge at work! Watch it now!

The honour is all ours

We get invited to some truly incredible events here at Bounce, and we love every single one of them, but there was one particular event this year that took our breath away. Maria was honoured to be invited to speak at the 2018 Women Economic Forum, in India, and even walked away with an Exceptional Women of Excellence Award.

The annual event aims to bring together women from all over the globe to share ideas, build new connections and discuss innovative ways to support women in business. This incredible networking opportunity for women hosted a massively diverse group of people from all around the world and focused on interactive workshops and talks supporting business equality.

Maria returned from her trip practically glowing with pride and excitement, unable to hold in her brilliant stories from the event. Thank you to everyone who organised this inspired forum!

Trainer of the Month

A lot of the time, we go out and search for very special Bounce trainers, but then, in strange twists of fate, our Bounce trainers find us. In the case of the beautiful Noula Petrarca, this is exactly what happened.

‘It’s almost 12 months to the day that I met a Bounce Trainer who changed my life on a holiday in Bali. She said “You have to be a Bounce Trainer you have that X factor” and I learned very quickly that when someone believes in you, believing in yourself is eventually a given! As a Bounce trainer, I now take this into my training room, I make a difference every day to someone’s life, and I love it. I believe in me.’

Having worked in the fitness industry for 20 years, and also having been an extremely successful bodybuilder, Noula quickly learnt discipline, self-confidence, patience and integrity. Once her three children grew up, she decided it was time for a change, and that’s when Noula met Abby, a Bounce trainer who also happened to be holidaying in Bali. The rest is history.

Noula is an incredible human being. She takes her role to inspire and motivate very seriously, and her caring and passionate nature shines through every day. Starting in September last year, Noula has already changed the lives of so many of her participants. Thank you for your determination, Noula, what would we do without it!

Tip of the Month

“Support the people around you. When someone is having a difficult time at work, it can show up in many different ways; irritability may actually be stress or confusion, so take the time to ask. Kindness and understanding goes a long way.”

– Maria Smith

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