Welcome to the team Mindy!

Welcome to the team Mindy!

It gives everyone at Bounce great pleasure to introduce the amazing Mindy Renner, our new Business Developer for Queensland! Mindy’s role here at Bounce is to support the launch of Bounce and accredited programs in partnership with ACE Community Colleges in Queensland. Mindy’s strong background in business development makes her the perfect person for the job!

Mindy has experienced some incredible things in her time; professional digital marketing, social media marketing, website consulting not to mention running her own cake decorating business for ten years! There’s nothing this amazing woman can’t do! She has a commitment to her sponsor child of 8 years in Zambia and of course, her husband and two children, aged 5 and 10.

So what does Mindy think of her new role with Bounce? ‘It’s not sales; I’m just helping people. This role is going to be so rewarding. I can’t wait to share Bounce with Queensland.’

Mindy has officially joined the Bounce team as of March 3rd and is thrilled to be working with the new amazing team of Queensland trainers, ACE Community Colleges, Employment Providers, Community Groups and the wider business community.

If you’d like to have a chat with Mindy about Bounce or just want to say hi, you can contact her on her mobile – 0448 196 728

Maria Smith – Founder, CEO and… YouTube Star?

Have you seen the latest playlist on the jobactive YouTube channel? The “How to improve your job search” playlist is a new initiative by jobactive to put job search information at the fingertips of the people who need it most – the job seekers.

The fortnightly two minute videos aim to deliver vital skills in a more accessible format and stars our very own Founder & CEO, Maria Smith.

The playlist has been running since October last year and is updated with new videos regularly. So if you or your job seekers need a little skills boost, take a look at the jobactive channel by clicking HERE

Where’s your Integrity?

Integrity. It’s a word that’s thrown around a lot, employers want it, employees need it, and training companies talk it up, but no one ever actually discusses what it is. In short, integrity is being your word, doing the things that you said or implied that you would do, whether that’s completing a huge project or helping a friend move house.

So where is your integrity? Find Out

Tip of the Month

“Do you say things to yourself like “Well it’s not going to work so I won’t put too much effort in” or “There’s no point doing that job”? Re-framing your beliefs and how you perceive things can help you start to feel good and flourish.”

– Maria Smith

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Where’s your integrity?

Where’s your integrity?

Integrity. It’s a word that’s thrown around a lot, employers want it, employees need it and training companies talk it up, but no one ever actually discusses what it is. In short, integrity is being your word, doing the things that you said or implied that you would do. Whether that’s completing a huge project or helping a friend move house.

This is why it’s so important to organisations, big and small; they want to know that if they hire someone, the person is going to do exactly what they say they will.

Low or no integrity in the workplace can cause a number of issues, a drop in productivity, bad communication, a decline in team work, just to name a few. So, it’s often a good idea to re-assess the position you’re in to make sure you’re keeping your word.

The problem is that when we do the same thing every day we can lose sight of the overall bigger picture. This doesn’t mean you’re a bad employee or that your employer doesn’t like you, it’s just an opportunity to take a step back so you can gain perspective and adjust your own integrity.

Step One: Ask yourself “Who am I to my employer?”

Without taking your own personal opinions into account, put yourself in your employer’s shoes and try to understand what they expect from you. From small everyday tasks to large project outcomes, who does your employer expect you to be?

Step Two: Ask yourself “Who am I to my client?”

Using the same process, try to understand what your client expects of you. Is it a certain level of professionalism? A fast turn-around time? Or simply a sympathetic ear? Just as you expect certain things from a plumber, your clients expect certain things from you.

Step Three: Ask yourself “Who am I to myself in this role?”

This one is very important. Ignore any day to day issues that take control of your mind when you’re working and think about when you first started the job. What did you want to be, how did you want to be seen and what did you want to achieve? What standards have you set yourself? Are you making yourself proud?

Step Four: Are you meeting these expectations?

Look back on all of these things, are you meeting all these expectations? The expectations of your boss, your clients and yourself? If you are, high five! You’re nailing your work! If not, welcome to being a regular person. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about constant improvement and growing as a person. If you’re not meeting certain areas as best you’d like, then look at strategies to improve this and take action.

Being your word and building your integrity is one of the best ways to develop your career. Just taking time to assess where you are now and where you want to be can make all the difference.

Breaking the mould with The Life Changer Foundation

Breaking the mould with The Life Changer Foundation

This month we’re not sending you our normal newsletter. Instead, we’re sending you a personal message. A message about something very close to our hearts and something that Founder and CEO, Maria is intensely passionate about; so passionate that last week she walked 140km to raise money and awareness – It’s called The LifeChanger Foundation.

The LifeChanger Foundation is on an epic mission to turn these stats around and create a generational shift in society. LifeChanger believes that by providing young Australians with the tools to develop a positive self-identity, they will be empowered to live their best life.

The LifeChanger program develops an adolescent’s self-identity by nurturing the individual across five key pillars; Wellbeing, Life-Skills, Self-Awareness, Purpose & Meaning and Connections.

This revolutionary approach will give every young Australian unprecedented access to programs within their community and a first-of-its-kind digital platform providing a pathway to their best life. Moreover, the digital platform and community engagement will mean ongoing, responsive support.

As well as Maria, LifeChanger already has over 14 Ambassadors, including names like World Champion Surfer, Layne Beachley, Australian Netballer, Shae Brown, Ironman, Trevor Hendy and so many more backing the foundation.

Small steps, Big Journey – Marias 140km trek to raise awareness

Last week, Maria embarked on a 140km trek through Western Australia to raise money and awareness for the LifeChanger Foundation. On top of walking through sand dunes, camping out under the stars and discovering how uncomfortable hiking boots are, Maria explained to us her experience of taking the first step off a 52 foot cliff. For Maria, this was putting her teachings into practice and testing the boundaries of what your mind and body will let you get away with… and it had us in stitches.

Abseiling is not something Maria had ever done before or necessarily ever wanted to do, but as she watched each member of her trek team lazily roll back over the edge of the mammoth cliff and bounce their way down a 52 foot drop like it was just another Friday afternoon, Maria couldn’t not give it a go!

And here’s where we begin to run the gauntlet of emotions.

Maria Smiths Guide to Emotional Abseiling

Step 1: Fear.

Become so scared that you question your instructor’s ability and sanity – “What do you mean put my hand behind me?! Where behind me!? It doesn’t make sense!”

Step 2: Anger.

Out of pure unadulterated fear, once again question your instructor’s capabilities but this time be less polite about it – “I’ve never done this! You need to check all my belts again!”

Step 3: Denial.

Express your pure terror by exploding into tears, shaking and flat out refusing to move while your instructor calmly tells you that you’re perfectly safe and you’re going to do a great job – “No! Nope. I’m not doing it. You can’t make me do it!”

Step 4: Regret.

Allow your body to go numb from fear exhaustion and slowly back your feet over the edge of the cliff… then immediately look down. This is the feeling of regret – the biggest regret you have ever had.

Step 5: Bargaining.

Now that you’re over the edge of this stupid cliff that you have stupidly decided to stupidly fall down, attempt to follow the words of the instructor by laying back and straightening your legs while simultaneously attempting to hug the wall with every available body part. Realise that this is a physical impossibility and resort praying to any higher power that will listen, not to let you plummet to your death.

Step 6: Shock.

While still frozen solid, dangling from what now seems like a piece of rope constructed purely of heavily abused dental floss, finally calm down enough to hear every single person in your trek team cheering you on with claps and ‘woots’ – well, sh*t. You’re actually doing it… and you’re not dead!

Step 7: Acceptance.

Realise that you’re completely nailing this whole thing and start slinking your way downwards like some weird Cat Woman/Spiderman hybrid, taking in the absolute beauty of the whole situation and feeling an overwhelming sense of peace.

Step 8: Exhilaration.

Finally, let your feet touch the ground with the consistency of mash potato stuffed into water balloons, laughing and weeping uncontrollably until the trek guide hugs you to stop you shaking like you’ve just been electrocuted. You did it! You ran the gauntlet of emotions, overcoming your terror and showing yourself that you are capable of much more than you know.

Even though Maria has returned safe and sound from this incredible adventure, she could still use your help to raise funds towards this ground-breaking initiative.

Every cent raised goes directly towards getting the LifeChanger programs out to youth all over the country, giving them the opportunity to develop their wellbeing, life-skills, self-awareness, purpose, meaning and connections. Donations are tax-deductible, so there is nothing to lose!

Help our kids get the chance they deserve – just 1 dollar, and you can change someone’s whole world.

Launching LifeChanger in Maryborough

Due to the amazing support of the Avoca Community Bank, Life changer is launching in Bounces very own hometown of Maryborough! An information session focusing on The LifeChanger program is being held on Monday the 19th of March and is open to anyone interested in the initiative.
Hear what Australian Hall of Fame and a six times Iron Man champion Trevor Hendy has to share along with, Scott Watters, ex AFL star player & Coach and also the LifeChanger Founder.
Head to the Facebook event to find out more!

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Oh hi, 2018!

Oh hi, 2018!

Well, here we are! We’ve eaten our body weight in Christmas ham, set off our fair share of party poppers to welcome the New Year and caught up on some much-needed rest and relaxation, and now we’re ready to get cracking on everything that’s happening in 2018! We’ve hit the ground running this month, preparing for our accredited program launch alongside ACE Community Colleges in Queensland – which we’re super excited for! Accredited job seeker programs have already started running across Victoria, and corporate bookings are filling in fast!

In other news, Kelly will be returning from Maternity Leave on Monday the 5th of February, although she will not be working exclusively within the office. Kelly will be splitting her days between the Bounce office and her own personal home office. Hopefully, she will bring along little Max as well!

From everyone here at Bounce, we hope you’ve had an amazing break, and we look forward to working with you in 2018!

Upskilling Trainers for the New Year

Last weekend trainers took time out of their busy schedules to make the trek to Maryborough for a 2-day intensive training. 25 trainers spent their Saturday and Sunday with Founder & CEO Maria Smith, building on their coaching skills, discovering cutting edge techniques for even better outcomes and getting the opportunity to spend time with each other.

The weekend was an incredible experience. Armed with these new skills and techniques, trainers will be more effective than ever in engaging job seekers and motivating them to do their very best! Thank you to all the trainers who were able to attend this incredible weekend.

“A very special thank you to you Maria for dedicating your time, effort, kind words, knowledge, wisdom, skills and magic! A very memorable 2 days!” – Abby Eden, Bounce Trainer

Stop Putting Your Dreams on the Back-Burner – 5 Tips to get Focused

We all dream. Images, ideas, emotions and sensations happen in our mind involuntarily, while we sleep. It’s also been suggested that dreams are a connection to our unconscious mind and that they manifest from our deepest desires and anxieties. Even though we can’t control our sleeping dreams, we can control the dreams and goals we have while we are awake – it’s staying focused on these dreams that is the tricky part.

Click here to get 5 tips to get focused on your dreams!

Trainer of the Month

January is the month of new beginnings and looking to the future, so who better to feature this month than our very own Lorraine Whittingham. Lorraine’s story is one of true inspiration and comes with a great message. Originally living in Maryborough (the home of Bounce), Lorraine moved to Melbourne to start fresh but unfortunately found herself unemployed for 12 months. After participating in some programs through her jobactive provider and gaining some part-time work, Lorraine chanced upon someone through a long series conversations, the lovely Bounce Trainer Niss. It wasn’t long before Lorraine made her way right back to Maryborough for her Bounce training, and soon after began running programs at the very same jobactive provider who had supported her throughout her unemployment. Talk about full circle!

“I tell my participants to get clear on what they want and then tell as many people as they can because you never know what results from simple conversations!” – Lorraine Whittingham

Tip of the Month

“Kick off the new year with a motivated mind. Grab that task you’ve been putting off for months & get it done. It will take a weight off your mind, & you’ll feel great!”

– Maria Smith

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HUGE Announcement for 2018!

HUGE Announcement for 2018!

Before we take a look at the year gone by, we wanted to let you all in on the big news for next year, and when we say big we mean BIG! Of course, we will be looking to expand our services in New Zealand and America but the biggest news of all… *drumroll please*… We are proud to announce that we will be launching our fully funded Certificate II in Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways alongside ACE Community Colleges in the sunny state of Queensland!!! February 2018 will see a new group of Queensland trainers brought up to speed on the Bounce philosophy and programs will start rolling out in March 2018. We want to thank everyone at ACE Community Colleges and Bounce who worked so hard to get this new initiative off the ground. We know it’s going to change the lives of job seekers right across the state!

Any Queensland providers wanting to run a Bounce program next year can contact Matt Luttrell for more information on 0409 244 599.

From everyone here at Bounce, we want to thank all you wonderful people for joining us on this journey through 2017! For all those wanting to know our holiday closure information, Bounce will be closed for two weeks over the Christmas period, shutting up shop on Friday the 22nd of December and re-opening on Monday the 8th of January.

Now that the big news is all out in the open let’s take a look back down the road that was 2017. We’ve travelled, trained and grown more than we could ever have hoped for, we’ve even had a new little member join the family. Yes, we’re still glowing with happiness over little Max. But words and statistics are a bit dull for such a festive time of year – so we’ve put together a pretty cool infographic to explain it all! Take a look below!

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