Weekly Coaching Session Success

Weekly Coaching Session Success

Bounce Online is having an incredible impact – and weekly coaching sessions are the secret to it’s success!  

How many online training programs include a genuine human element? Not many we wager, but Bounce Online does – and it’s making all the difference when it comes to engagement, completion rates and moments of real change!  

When participants are first given access to the program, they are invited to join weekly coaching sessions with our Bounce Coaches. These sessions are an opportunity for participants to unpack their learnings from the program and find ways to overcome some of the hard things they might come up against as they move through the course.   

The structured sessions we ran during September had an incredible participation rate of 76%, and the feedback we received tells us it’s making all the difference. 

Here’s what JobLife participant Justine said about her experience with our coaches, Chris and Linda: 

“I have not seen another program that is so positive as this one and makes you feel cared about and valued as I have by Chris and Linda. I hope more people partake in doing this program to help better themselves and begin to believe in their abilities.” 

If you’re not using Bounce Online, now is a great time to talk with Tom or Kelly about how to start using it with your clients.  

New partnership with genU Training

genU Training has partnered up with us to create an exciting new qualification for people working in employment services.

Their new custom-built CHC42015 Certificate IV in Community Services is designed for anyone working in employment services and focuses on building coaching knowledge and skills so consultants can confidently support their clients.

The qualification includes our Bounce Job Coach (Foundation) course, and upon completion, participants are awarded their Job Coach micro-credential or digital badge.

genU Training General Manager Lisa Abbott is excited to have our digital badge in their new qualification. Here’s what Lisa had to say about working with Bounce:

“genU Training partnered with Bounce to be able to provide our learners with a holistic environment to enhance their soft skills through the Job Coach Certification whilst building their professional practice through the innovative, co-designed Certificate IV in Community Services for the Employment Services industry.  

We hope together we can support the Employment Services industry in preparing Employment Services professionals to progress more jobseekers back into meaningful employment.”   


Job Coach Certification – New Year Special! 

Here’s a New Years resolution for you… 

“In 2022, I will become a certified Bounce Job Coach and use my new coaching skills to help my clients get better outcomes!” 

Our first open Job Coach Certification course kicks off on February 2nd 2022. So if you want to develop all the skills you need to become an outstanding Job Coach, here’s your chance.

Individual seats or small group seats are available, but they are limited, so book in early.

Bounce Job Coach Certification also features a digital badge (or micro-credential). Find out more about the benefits of Bounce digital badges here.

Something big is coming!

Something big is coming!

For all our friends in the Employment Services industry, this is for you! We’ve listened to the challenges. We understand the problems. And we’ve created something that we think will have the answers!

This exciting new venture will launch at the National Employment Services Association (NESA) Conference in a months’ time.

If you want to be the first to know all about it, head to our website and sign up to our mailing list so you can receive first access to a whole heap of awesomeness!

Get your Network on in July!

If you’re keen for a little business networking and want to see Maria live in action, then you may want to be in Melbourne next Thursday (25th of July)!

Maria will be presenting as Keynote Speaker for the Southern Cross University Business Networking Event at Foy’s Arcade in Melbourne, with the event hosting a huge range of online students, academics and industry leaders.

Maria’s Keynote presentation, The Power of Certainty, will focus on the big “what’s next” question and understanding the importance of having a clear vision of where you want to go, based on the idea that our values and beliefs can drive the best outcome.

Want more info? We’ve got everything you need right here! Seats a filling up so get in quick!

Flying High

We’re officially half-way through the year and Bounce is showing no signs of slowing down! So many incredible things are happening here in Australia, but have we mentioned all the cool things happening in the US?

With aeroplanes now being her second home, Maria set off for a whole two weeks in June to lend her incredible voice to the Geographic Solutions, Working Technology Conference in Monterey, California as a Keynote Speaker. Speaking on the importance of engagement and connection, the packed room listened, learned and laughed, taking away some great insights to filling their cup to keep their minds and bodies healthy.

But that’s not all that happened on Maria’s trip! She also had the pleasure of training five new Bounce USA trainers, teaching them the ins and outs of the Bounce Methodology and the science behind what we do here at Bounce.

All in all the trip was a huge success, and we want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Geographic Solutions for inviting Maria to speak and be a part of your incredible conference, and the Bounce USA team for putting together such great training.

Is your Emotional Intelligence higher than you think?

While trawling through research papers and googling new and exciting studies (a huge part of what we do here at Bounce), we came across this handy little article from www.inc.com.

Short and to the point, “If You Say Yes to Any of These 8 Questions, Your Emotional Intelligence Is Higher Than You Think” gets right to the heart of why it’s so important to develop Emotional Intelligence – especially in business. If you have a spare minute, take a look, it will give you a good gauge of where your Emotional Intelligence is at.

If you or your team could do with an EQ boost, give us a call. We can take your Emotional Intelligence to new heights with our flexible training and coaching packages, designed specifically to meet your needs.

“Best session I’ve been to. I wish it was longer. Every person who works with other humans should have to do this.” – Cara Jarrett, People Branch – Department of Jobs and Small Business

“Maria has a wonderful manner and an amazing depth of knowledge on the subject. I learnt a lot about myself and the way I interact with clients and how I can improve both myself and my interaction.” – L.S. Matchworks Ballarat

Trainer of the Month

So many great trainers and so little time left in the year! Our trainer of the Month for July is none other than the amazing and inspirational Belinda P! Belinda has lived the majority of her adult life motivating people through training and education across the Northern Territory and Victoria – and it is still her passion to this day!

When she’s not in the training room, she’s spending time with her amazing kids, volunteering for her community and taking fun to a whole new level with Roller Derby – Awesome!

The knowledge, experience and passion that Belinda brings to her role is astounding.

“I never get tired of meeting my participants and supporting them in whatever their journey is; seeing them learning to back themselves for their knowledge & experiences. And I think I learn as much from them as they do from me!”

On behalf of everyone at Bounce, thank you Belinda, you are an inspiration to us all, keep being amazing every single day!

Tip of the Month

“When we stop learning, we stop moving forward. Everything we could ever hope to learn is right at our fingertips (literally), so take your passion and strive to know more every single day!”

– Maria Smith

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Want to join our team in Queensland?

Want to join our team in Queensland?

Does this sound like you?

Full of integrity

You’re highly motivated and follow through on your promises.

People Focused

You love meeting new people and taking time to get to know them.

High Energy

You burst into a room ready to get things done and change lives.

Bounce is looking for talented trainers in Queensland

With business booming Queensland, we’re on the lookout for the shining stars of the training world who are truly motivated to influence positive change and inspire lives.

If you’re in the Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast Area and want to become a Bounce Trainer, get in touch!

Handy Skills and Qualifications


Current Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Previous experience as a Trainer and Assessor

Previous experience in coaching or mentoring

Exceptional communications skills and energy

Additional qualifications to support your role

Knowledge of the disadvantages being faced by job seekers

Exceptional relationships building skills

Fast paced and self starting

Apply Now

If you’re ready for a life changing career with Bounce Queensland, apply through Seek today!

Better Life for Low-Income Earners

Better Life for Low-Income Earners

Mobile phone plans are not an easy thing to keep up with, especially when you’re going through a bit of a rough patch financially. Even the minimum payment plans give you barely enough call time to phone your mum on her birthday, let alone call employers to find out about job opportunities.

Well, one amazing company put their hand in the air and said “We’ve had enough!” – this is how Better Life Mobile was born.

Now, before I go any further, I want to say that this is not a sales pitch. Bounce is not sponsored by Better Life Mobile in any way. This article is simply the result of our own research. We just thought it was a great idea and we wanted to help with those wallet-emptying phone bills that come in every month.

Better Life Mobile was created with the unemployed and low-income earners specifically in mind. It is an Australian owned company, who offer low cost, no risk phone plans with the help of state and federal administrators, financial councillors and welfare organisations. Basically, take everything you know about phone companies and throw it out the window because Better Life is actually here to help.

Their plans range from $18 a month with unlimited text and calls and 1 GB of data, all the way up to $35 per month with unlimited text and calls and 9 GB of data – which is incredible! They have the same coverage as Telstra, they don’t charge late, set up or cancellation fees, and once you hit your allowance, they cap you, so no hidden usage cost.

Better Life Mobile provides their service to everyone, so if you’re wanting to save a bit of money this year or know someone that this company could really help, check out www.betterlifemobile.com.au and find out more.

Kelly’s Back!

The incredible Kelly is officially back in the office! As of the 5th of February Kelly has been back on board the Bounce train after her three months of maternity leave with little Max. Kelly is once again available during normal business hours, however, she will be switching between her home office and work office so that she can spend time with the little bundle of joy. We can’t express how happy we are to have Kelly back, and we’re pretty pleased about the visits from Max too! If you need to get in contact with Kelly about anything Bounce related, you can contact her on 0419 326 694 or via her email kelly@bounceaustralia.com

Meet the New Team Member

We would like everyone to officially welcome our newest Bounce Team member, Shania! Fresh out of school and full of motivation, Shania took the initiative to walk through our front doors and ask if there was any work available – the rest is history! Shania will be starting out by helping around the office, getting to know what we do and supporting every team member with a range of different jobs. Shania is very interested in event organising, planning and scheduling which is great for us because we need someone other than Kelly to keep us all in line! Welcome to the team Shania, you’re going to do great!

Trainer of the Month

This month we get to say thank you to a trainer who has made such a huge impact to all of his participants. Through his positivity, motivation and incredible skills as a trainer, Leon McAsey has become one of Bounces’ most valued members.

Leon spent his early years as a ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor and perfected his profession over 15 years, resulting in him owning and operating his own business in Melbourne right up until 2010. Missing the quiet country life, Leon sold his business and returned to northern Victoria, where he purchased a small farm. He went on to work with Corrections Victoria delivering CGEA Certificates I, II and III (specialising in working with disengaged and disadvantaged youths).

Nowadays, Leon spends his time working with his Bounce Participants, cracking “dad” jokes and sharing his incredible life experiences. Thank you, Leon, for everything you bring to your role, we are so proud to call you one of our own.

Tip of the Month

“If you’re not in the right mindset a job can take ten times longer than it should. Walk away and do something else that gets you motivated then come back to it and try again.”

– Maria Smith

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Rapport and Communication Breakthrough In Alice Springs

Rapport and Communication Breakthrough In Alice Springs

Alice Springs 2014 Week 1 – Amanda Hamill

My first morning with the group was definitely a very different feel to any groups I have been with before…………… my first thought was ” Wow a tough crowd!” Eight sets of very blank eyes staring at me. My first thought was I hope someone other than me will actually speak! As it worked out after some brief introductions communication commenced. None of the participants knew each other but of course they all had things in common.

I gave the group a fun, light hearted account of who I am, and what the course was about, still no talking. I suggested that noise and discussion was a great thing, in my effort to create a warmish atmosphere despite the 35degrees outside. The first day was all about establishing rapport within the group, and making it ok for everybody to bring themselves to the group. There was a good mix of ages from early 20s to mid 50s. I got the feeling some of the older men were of the opinion that it was going to be a complete waste of time, which was confirmed a little later in the day. So after a shaky start of brief introductions we worked on some engagement rules, which the group, were able to develop. Other topics that were discussed on the first day were values and integrity. Both topics were well received and after much coaxing, discussion and about values went on for the whole afternoon.

Half of My pathways went home sick so I volunteered to take as many participants home as I could fit in, I thanked the universes for this opportunity because it allowed me to gain rapport in a completely non obvious way, this continued throughout the week.

It was very apparent that although this was a Jump Start program it was going to be very flexible in how it all came together, and very different from what I had originally planned. It was necessary to change the way I communicated with this group, as much as I was the trainer it was very necessary to allow them to take the lead in many discussions. They were initiated each morning with a communication activity. I strategically arranged for the group to elect a group leader who would ensure times for breaks etc were maintained. I made sure everyone voted for my elder more dubious gentleman, which turned out to be the best thing. He rose beautifully to the occasion and became completely engaged, plus it meant I didn’t have to be the hard a#&e!

I was so very surprised at how emotionally intelligent this group was, in many ways more advanced than many groups I have worked with. The labels they use are different to my ‘norm’ which is culturally significant. My afternoon drives were my education time, I have learnt about language, tribes and dreamtime stories. One of the participants were able to share with me some of my own history as he came from an area in NT were my parents worked on a cattle station, so it is true, keep people talking long enough and you will find the connection.

As the week progressed job applications were developed for those who had clear ideas of the next step and three participants were offered employment! One has commenced already and two commence next week and the week after, both want to complete the course, which made me feel very happy. It took quite a while for me to work out if the participants were enjoying the course or not but by day three they actually told me they all wanted to be there………….