The DES sector is about to experience the biggest shift in service delivery since its inception. Do you have a comprehensive readiness plan to make sure your business not only survives the first 18 months but also prospers in the competitive new world? Bounce can help you:

  • Train frontline staff to be prepared for the new customer focused world
  • Build emotional intelligence to engage and retain clients
  • Understand how to attract clients to your service
  • Learn to balance mutual obligation with choice and control
  • Know what your clients really want
  • Refine your service delivery
  • Be competitive in the new world
  • Change mindsets without changing providers

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We’ve been hiding something from you!

There is a secret in the Bounce office… well, when we say secret we really mean a big surprise! While some of you may already know, some of you lovely subscribers may not, and at this point it’s getting pretty difficult to hide. We are proud to announce that our spectacular General Manager Kelly Mason, has not actually swallowed an entire watermelon without chewing, but is in fact super pregnant! WE’RE SO EXCITED! Baby Mason is due sometime in November (not long now), which means that Kelly will be on maternity leave for at least 3 months as of the start November. We will keep you posted on Kelly’s Maternity leave in next month’s newsletter but for now we just want to congratulate Kelly and Guy on their little bundle of joy and wish them all the very best in their parenthood journey!

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More news from the USA

It seems like every second month we talk about the cool things that are going on in the USA, well, Maria has returned once again from Worcester, Massachusetts with more exciting info! August has just seen 6 new trainers join the Bounce USA ranks, making a total of 8 awesome people personally taught by Maria and ready to change people’s lives! Welcome to the Bounce team Robin, Susan, Gereen, Kelsey, Kendall and Lauren. We can’t wait to see what amazing things you get up to! Maria was also treated to a surprise Bounce reunion, with trainers new and old and past participants, all coming together to talk about their adventures from before, during and after Bounce. Maria literally could not hold her excitement in while telling us all about it over the phone and we love it!

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Trainer of the Month

Bounce is full of wonderful and inspirational facilitators and our beautiful trainer of the month for September is no exception to the rule. Truly genuine and kind hearted, Fiona Maybery is a shining star in our Bounce team. A country girl at heart (even though she lives her life in the city), once Fiona sets her mind to something she never gives up and being a self-proclaimed “long suffering Demons fan” we can tell it’s true! She finds the good in people no matter who they are and dedicates herself to bring out that good for everyone to see. “Just want to say a big thank you to my Bounce trainer, Fiona, for all the work she put into teaching and coaching us students. I can tell you that throughout this program she is passionate about helping people learn and grow.” – Alison Kuzminsky, Bounce Participant 2017. We want to thank you too Fiona, keep being amazing!

Tip of the Month

“Always focus on solutions instead of problems and try to move forward no matter what.”

– Maria Smith

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