It’s been a little while since we’ve given you a Bounce USA Update but the wait is over! Three weeks ago, Maria and Nettie embarked on the 21-hour journey to Boston, Massachusetts, to visit one of the Bounce Programs and catch up with the Bounce USA trainers – as well as escape the freezing Victorian winter of course. Being Nettie’s first time meeting the trainers and everyone that works at Central Massachusetts Workforce Investment Board (where the Bounce Program is currently being licenced), she was overrun with incredible stories, hugs and screams of excitement – literally!

While the girls managed to slot in a quick trip to Salem to learn about witches, the short five-day visit mostly consisted of drop-ins, meetings and planning for future growth (and boy is there about to be some growth!).

Maria and Nettie got to drop in on day one of a Bounce Program, where Maria told her story and chatted with the participants about what they want to get out of the program. It was an incredible experience and an amazing group of people.

Thank you to everyone that made our trip such an incredible experience – we couldn’t ask to be involved with more motivated and inspiring people.

Being a working mum isn’t easy!

Maria is an incredible facilitator, trainer, public speaker and, of course, mum to her son, Lucas, and step mum to Tom, Liam, and Georgia. With all the hard work she puts in balancing work and home life, it’s no wonder she was invited to contribute to “Working Mums – Stories by real women on how they manage children, work and life”.
This incredible book takes you through people’s real-life experiences, struggles and ultimately successes in being a working mum, all with the aim to support the growing population of women who choose to don the red cape and begin the perpetual juggling act that is working and raising children.

With a huge range of influential Aussie mums jumping on board to share their stories, the book contains titbits from people such as musician Missy Higgins, radio host and comedian George McEncroe, and of course the lovely Maria Smith, Founder and CEO of Bounce!

If you’re a working mum or are about to become one, then you can go past the newly released “Working Mums” book! Inspired by the struggles and hilarity that working mum’s face on a daily basis in Australia, the book contains real stories and experiences from women just like you.

“Working Mums is a must-read for every mother. Filled with inspirational stories of amazing women who share the reality of the beauty and challenges of combining motherhood and work.” – Peace Mitchell, AusMumpreneur and The Women’s Business School

If you’d like to know more about the Working Mums Book and maybe even purchase a copy for yourself, you can head to or

More Tips from jobactive

We’ve got another Bounce inspired YouTube video for you this month. In this new video, Maria gives you simple tips to help build rapport. Give yourself the edge in interviews and watch the video now!

Trainer of the Month

This month we’re featuring a very special trainer. Not only is she a career counsellor, offender employment specialist and certified professional resume writer, she is also our very first American Bounce trainer to be featured in the newsletter! So today, we proudly introduce the amazing Cheryl Kelly!

Cheryl has been with Bounce USA since its beginning in 2014 and has been supporting job seekers in achieving their goals ever since! Using her experience, skills and knowledge, Cheryl works with clients of all ages and backgrounds ranging from participants in Transitional Assistance Programs, low-income youth and adults as well as dislocated job seekers and ex-offenders re-entering the workforce.

Cheryl is no stranger to Workforce Development having spent the past 21 years as a career counsellor and case manager which has taught her the importance of assisting individuals in their transition into the workforce leading to self-sufficiency. Before that, she was a legal assistant for ten years concentrating on working with court-appointed attorneys and their clients.

Maria and Nettie had the privilege of popping into one of Cheryl’s programs during their last visit. It was only 2 hours into day 1 and participants were already sharing stories, laughing with each other and making new connections. There’s no mistaking Cheryl’s passion for supporting others in times of transition; it shows in her compassionate delivery and the faces of her participants.

Thank you, Cheryl, for your dedication to your participants and your never-ending passion for delivering Bounce. You’re a star!

Tip of the Month

“Your brain is at its best when it’s jam-packed full of dopamine. Give yourself a boost by exercising, socialising and rewarding yourself for a job well done. You’ll notice the difference – trust me!”

– Maria Smith

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